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Caffitaly System pays homage to the time-honoured tradition of making Barista quality coffee from the coffee to the capsule - to the innovative technology of the machines. Each capsule has been created with two specialised filters to ensure even water distribution over the tamped coffee during the pre-infusion process. 

Our capsule machines are programmed to heat the water to the optimum temperature, ensuring it doesn’t

‘burn’ the coffee and the 15 bar pressure ensures the extraction process brings out the rich personality of the coffee.

No matter what Caffitaly System capsule machine you choose, or whatever your preferred coffee recipe is,

designed and built to offer a 'One Touch' solution.areour machines 

Unique Capsule Design 

Inside every Caffitaly System capsule there are two innovative filters: Thanks to the upper one, we can obtain a uniform distribution of water over the entire surface of the coffee.

Then the bottom filter ensures the best consistency of brewing producing the perfect cup every time. This unique design is why other capsules on the market do not work with the Caffitaly System Machine. Ensure you only use capsules displaying the Caffitaly System logo with Caffitaly System.

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